Montserrat is a Caribbean island—specifically in the Leeward Islands, which is part of the chain known as the Lesser Antilles, in the former British West Indies. It is a British Overseas Territory (BOT). Montserrat measures approximately 16 km (10 mi) in length and 11 km (7 mi) in width, with approximately 40 km (25 mi) of coastline.[2] Montserrat is nicknamed “The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean” both for its resemblance to coastal Ireland and for the Irish ancestry of many of its inhabitants.

Capital: Plymouth (de jure) / Brades (de facto)

Currency: East Caribbean dollar

Timezone: UTC-4

Corporate tax rate: 30%

IBC tax rate: 0%

Personal tax rate: 5-40%

Capital gains tax: part of individual/corporate tax rate


Tax residence: 183 days rule: world income is taxed with some exceptions.

CFC Rules: No

Remote management:

Corporate taxation:

IBC taxation:

Personal taxation:

Cost of living:

Quality of living:

Safety of living: